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We are grateful for each and every one of our donors and supporters!
We feel honoured to be able to share some of their stories, and the reasons they give below.

Impact Stories

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March For Children showed up in a big way!

March For Children showed up in a big way!

The Rotary Club Campbell River and Campbell River Daybreak Rotary clubs recently presented $14,350 to the Campbell River Hospital Foundation. These funds are the proceeds from the March for Children in February. This will support an Avalon Fetal Monitor for the Maternity department at the Campbell River Hospital.
The March for children is a project shared between the two clubs and has generated more than $447,570 since it began in the 1950’s.
The main objective of Rotary is service – in the community, in the workplace, and throughout the world. Throughout their history, Campbell River Rotarians have continuously adopted the theme that Rotarians are committed to ” putting something back into the community.” This has resulted in millions of dollars and tens of thousands of volunteer hours into projects for the citizens of Campbell River.
Thank you to everyone that handed over their change to these lovely people on the busy intersections of town last month. It proves that every penny counts, and together we can raise thousands for Quality Healthcare, Close to Home.
Photo L-R: Craig Gillis Keltie McKale, Robin Havelaar, Colleen McClure , Graham Stewart, @Ron Fisher, Tom Robinson, Stacey Marsh, Susie Moscovich.

Surgical Services Campaign Well on The Way to $120,000

The Surgical Services Campaign that was launched in October of 2019 with the goal of raising $120,000 for vital equipment for our operating rooms has exceeded expectations thus far.  We have raised $80,000 so far and the campaign is still going strong.

More than 3500 Surgical Procedures are performed every year at the Campbell River Hospital each year by highly skilled surgical teams.  From orthopedic and laparoscopic to cesarean sections, complex cancer surgeries and life saving emergency surgeries.

With your support, we can ensure that our highly skilled medical teams continue to provide exceptional care for all communities served by our hospital.

Life can change in a moment, Imagine you or someone you care about requires surgery.  Thankfully, the team at Campbell River Hospital are there for you, and those you care about.  From Gold River to Port Hardy and Refuge Cove to Sullivan Bay and all the communities in between, the Campbell River Hospital is here for you.

MRI Donation

With the opening of our new hospital came the donation of a brand new $2.2 Million fixed MRI from the Mailman Family Foundation, owners of Broadstreet Properties and Seymour Pacific Developments, and longtime Campbell Riverites with a history of giving back.

Have a look at our latest ‘Impact Story’ to hear from Kris Mailman about the thought behind this incredible gift and from Island Health staff about how this piece of equipment is profoundly affecting our community.

With the talent and help of Stillinmotionmedia we are able to share this story. Thank you again Dermot, Kris and Dr. Astrope for your insights as well as the entire Mailman family for ensuring quality health care, close to home.

Brent & Kristie Cross

We are pleased to introduce our donors Brent and Kristie Cross. They are the founders of the Lyndon’s Legacy Ball Tournament the proceeds of which are donated to our Foundation each year. Lyndon Cross was a social worker that worked in youth protection services. He fought a short courageous battle with cancer. He was a dedicated, caring person who made a difference in the lives of those in foster care.

Brent and Kristie learned first hand the impact their donations made when their son had an accident and needed to use the very piece of equipment they had assisted in purchasing.
Thanks to Stillinmotionmedia we are able to share their story. Have a look below. Thank you Brent & Kristie!

Dr Louis De Bruin

The Campbell River Maternity Clinic is a very special hospital based clinic staffed by a group of family doctors with a passion for providing quality maternity care.

Dr Louis De Bruin is one of the doctors at this clinic, as well as one of our supporters, and he knows first hand the impact that donations made to our Foundation have on the ability to care for the babies and families of Campbell River and the North Island.

Thanks to Stillinmotionmedia we are able to share his experience. Have a look below. Thank you Dr De Bruin!