June 15th, 2021

Scrap Metal Challenge

Our purpose is simple: to raise money while fostering a little bit of competition within the business community, and help local residents clean up their own scrap metal for a good cause.   



How to Participate

Existing ABC Recycling customers can take part by donating scrap metal proceeds to the Hospital Foundation for the month June and July. This could include scrap donations for the month, a couple of weeks or a one-time donation!

If you are not an existing customer, a bin can be placed at your company’s workplace, or you can drop off directly to ABC Recycling .

Everybody can Participate

The company who donates the most in scrap proceeds will win the coveted Scrap Metal Cup for 2021.

The public is also invited to join in, dropping off their scrap metal in an ABC Recycling bin located Strathcona Gardens Parking Lot on Dogwood Street. 

ABC Recycling
Bailey Western Star
Grieg Seafood
Hilcam Trophies
Inland Kenworth
Strathcona Gardens
The Raven
York Machine Shop

Thank you to our sponsors for their valuable support, click on the logos to visit their website.

What we’re raising money for

Rhapsody Tub ($32,215)

This year the Scrap Metal Challenge is raising money for a Rhapsody Tub for Yucalta Lodge. It is a key hole tub that is fully reclining that will allow residents to safley allow residents to stretch out in the tub.  The new features are hydro massage, light and sound sensory patterns to help calm and sooth residents.