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Equipment Needs

Your children were born here, a grandparent lives here and your friend’s life was saved here. We understand that often we forget the impact health care has on our lives unless we are at the center of a crisis.

Our Campbell River Hospital touches the lives of more than

people in our community and the North Island.

There are nearly

babies born in our hospital each year.

Each year, our hospital performs over

x-rays and


On average, there are more than

ultrasounds performed each day, that is more than

each year.

Our hospital has one of the most efficient ICU’s in the Province. In 2018 alone, our ICU had more than

ventilator hours.

Our Current Top Priorities

Hospital equipment is advancing rapidly with new technology making it easier to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders. The Campbell River Hospital Foundation is raising money to purchase the equipment our doctors have identified as most urgent. Some items are new and some are replacement items for old and outdated equipment. Every single piece of equipment on our wish list is vital to our hospital’s ability to offer you and those you love the very best treatment and care.

Help us Fund our 2022/2023  Equipment Wishlist

Fiber-Optic Endoscopic Evaluation and Swallowing Scope

Speech Pathology


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FEES is a test used to evaluate swallow function.  It can be used for both inpatients ( at bedside) and outpatients.  The Speech Pathologist looks into the throat using an endoscope while the patient is aoffered various textures of food and drink.  A FEES study can help identify what elements of the swallow process may not be working well and if an individual is arpirating. 

This type of testing will be used with individuals with swallowing (dysphagia). Conditions that might cause dysphagia include: Stroke, Head and neck cancer, head injury, Parkinson's disease and other neurologic conditions and Muscular dystrophies.


Prep & pack table

Medical Device Reprocessing Department



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 The AMSCO Prep & Pack Table from STERIS is designed to meet demanding instrument reprocessing needs. The innovative, flexible workstation helps productivity, organization, instrument management, as well as process and workflow changes. 

This workstation meets the ergonomic challenges of a diverse work force, helping reduce the risk of work related injuries.  The multiple configurations and an extensive accessory catalog allows flexibility to upgrade and customize configurations at any time.  


Philips Affinity x-5 probe




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The Ultrasound transducer, also called a probe is a device that produces sound waves that bounce off body tissues and make echoes.  The transducer receives the echoes and sends them to a computer that creates an image.   

Used in echocardiography, the probe uses sound waves to create pictures or video of the inside of the heart. This type of test may be done to check the function of the heart muscle, check heart valves for leaking or narrowing and look for possible causes of stroke. 




Our Events

Many caring and dedicated businesses and individuals support the Campbell River Hospital Foundation every year through a variety of fundraising efforts.

From Gala evenings, Golf Tournaments, Auctions, Walk-a-Thons and Picnics, no event is too big or too small. Events on our behalf raise thousands of dollars each year to support quality healthcare at our Hospital.


Trivia Night – February

Trivia night is a fun-filled FUN-draiser for the Campbell River Hospital Foundation and has raised more than $213,000 to support vital equipment purchases that support quality health care for Campbell River and the North Island.

Because You Care Lottery – Spring

Are you ready for your next travel adventure? There are only 2,750 tickets, at $40 each or sets of 3 for only $100, and can be purchased online and with various retailers.

Scrap Metal Challenge – June

Our purpose is simple: to raise money while fostering a little bit of competition within the business community, and help local residents clean up their own scrap metal for a good cause. Since the challenge has begun, over $97,000 has been raised for the purchase of medical equipment for the hospital.

Golf. Because You Care. – September

Since 1996, our tournaments have raised over $350,000 for the Campbell River Hospital, thanks to the tremendous support provided by community sponsors. We hope that you will consider supporting this year’s event, and join us in supporting quality health care for Campbell River and North Vancouver Island.

How you can help


The generosity of donors allows us to stay on the leading edge of medical technology and treatment to provide the best possible patient care.

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Planned Giving

Leave a legacy of your own that will benefit the health of our community for generations to come.

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Caring Spirit

This program allows patients, relatives or friends to express their gratitude to the people who were there when they needed them most.

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Well Wishes

Well Wishes provides family and friends convenient access to patients/residents at the Hospital by sending them e-mail messages.

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Volunteers are the backbone of our fundraising efforts. Join an incredible group of volunteers who provide their time, energy with various projects.

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