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Your donations support the purchase of necessary equipment for the Campbell River Hospital

Every year, the Campbell River Hospital has a wish list of equipment put together by various departments in the hospital. These medical equipments help assure that our Hospital has the most up-to-date equipment and can provide the best care possible to our patients.

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The Glidescope is a critical piece of airway management protection that provides physicians and RT's a way to manage both routine procedures and respond to emergent airway  situations quickly and confidently. The Glidescope is a video laryngoscope that allows for direct visualization when there is a difficult intubation due to abnormal anatomy or trauma to the facial region.


Sonosite Ultrasound


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The Sonosite LX Machine allows for greater point-of-care diagnostics within the Emergency Department.  The Sonosite LX provides advanced image clarity allowing physicians to diagnose certain conditions right in the ED as opposed to being sent to the medical imaging department for more extensive and expensive procedures. Sonosite is also dedicated to clinician education and offers more than 150 scan-along education tutorials on board the machine for COVID-19, diagnosis, procedures, pathology, and system and transducer use.



echo machine


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Echocardiography releases high-frequency sound waves. An Echocardiogram is performed by placing a transducer on the chest and aiming it at the heart. The transducer releases high frequency sound waves and picks up the echoes of sound waves and transmits them as electrical impulses.  The Echocardiography Machine converts these impulses into moving pictures of the heart.




Equipment needs for 2022-2023

MX450 Monitor $12,718

Neonatal resuscitation, also known as newborn resuscitation, is an emergency procedure focused on supporting approximately 10% of newborn  children who do not readily begin breathing.  This equipment will be needed when performing Neonatal resuscitation as per the latest guidelines set out by the Neonatal Resuscitation Program under the Canadian Paediatric Society.


Box Picker Server $24,000

The automated Box Picker provides the pharmacy with secure, high density storage of medications- controlling access, improving pharmacy workflow efficiency and expediting the picking process.  The system fully automates pharmacy storage and retrieval of medication which not only eliminates picking errors and increases saftety at dispense, but also creates a more efficient pharmacy flow. 


Biopsy Unit - Medical Imaging - $41,74

The biopsy unit is the vacuum assisted unit that collects samples from breast patients so that they can then be further examined.  This works in conjunction with the Stereotactic and Faxitron that were previously purchased.  It is a three step process.  The Stereotactic unit makes it possible to target the specific areas of the breast, the biopsy unit actually collects the sample and the Faxitron is used to image those samples to investigate for cell and or micro calcifications.

Cast Saw - CR Home Health - $8,757

X-Ray System Dental - Surgical Services - $31,363

This portable x-ray machine is used for dental surgery and will be especially useful for paediatric patients.  Utilizing the latest X-Ray technology, it preserves the quality off images and delivers exact repeatable exposures.  The ergonomic design innovations make the shape ina d weight dispersion of the device more stable in the palm.  The unique, lead impregnated acrylic shield protects the operator from direct and scatter radiation.

Roho Cushion Covers - Rehabilitation - $1,611
Portable Glidescopes - Respiratory Therapy $6,811

The Glidescope Go is a portable laryngoscopy system.  Highly portable, the Glidescope Go  is compact, durable, easy to charge and ready on demand.  As Respiratory Therapist is a vital member of the Code Blue team, this equipment will live with the Respiratory Therapy Department

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