Kans for Kids Donation Kids Medical Imaging

Al & Gay Ruff recently donated money raised from their Kans for Kids yearly drive for children.

The Campbell River Hospital Foundation was a lucky recipient of some of the monies raised to aid in the purchase of a Pedia Poser for our Medical Imaging Department.  This Pedia Poser provides fast, gentle and secure immobilization of infants through 4 years old for x-ray imaging.  Because it looks much like a high chair, it is familiar and far less scary for the little ones.  The patient is positioned and secured once and medical staff are able to rotate the chair in order to get  all of the necessary views.

Prior to having this piece of equipment, parents would hold their children, which is stressful for the child, the parent and the medical imaging staff while the imaging can be not as clear and accurate as they could be if the child was still.  Babies were often having to use a tube type device that they were places inside with their arms up to immobilize them cause much distress to them and their parents again.

This machine is used daily by our medical imaging department, with a great deal of ease and much less anxiety in most cases.

in 2018 Gay and Al returned 187,821 items to the return it center, and in 2019 they raised that to an astounding 378,455 raising a total of $31,030 for their charities of choice.   They work all throughout the year collecting bottles/cans from our community to raise money for several Children’s Charities.  For more information on how to give to this wonderful drive, please call or email Al or Gay so they can arrange pick up or drop off of your cans and bottles.

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photo L-R: Al Ruff, Gay Ruff, Scott Harpell ( Medical Imaging) Stacey Marsh ( CRHF)